Being born into a family of artists, creativity has always been an integral part of life for Anna Widmer. Much of her time as a child was spent in her father’s workshop where she would watch him sculpt and spend countless happy hours exploring watercolours.

In 1988 her family immigrated to Canada, from Germany. Although a stone sculptor by trade her father specialized in the restoration of historical buildings. Anna and her younger sisters began learning the trade and it became a family business. Anna spent her early years learning everything from exterior masonry work to plaster repair, casting and creating moulds, interior painting, applying patina and gold leaf, restoring bronze sculptures and learning how to sculpt.

Anna was fascinated by her fathers collection of art books and her grandfathers elaborate drawings of human and animal anatomy. Everything from renaissance art to realism, impressionism and abstract art captivated her imagination and provoked an indescribable urge to learn to paint. At the age of fourteen she was able to study wildlife painting with a private teacher for two years. This experience gave her the tools she needed to cultivate her talent.

Using acrylics as her medium Anna paints what touches her heart. Nature has always been where she has felt the happiest, most inspired and alive. She relishes adventures in the wild, untamed beauty of the natural world. Time spent hiking, camping, taking photos and sketching provide her with reference material for her art. Anna cares deeply about the health of our earth and its future, striving to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. Her art continues to sell worldwide. “When my art awakens something in another’s heart and inspires a connection to their own souls and the natural world I feel truly blessed.” – Anna Widmer